It all started back in the year of 1960, when a farmer by the name of Mr. MH Kiewiet Cloete from a small town called Kanasburg in the old South West Africa had the opportunity to buy 50% share in Helderberg Motors.  

A number of years later his son-in-law made use of the opportunity and took over the reigns of Helderberg Motors. With time the company grew and the name changed to Rola. The new name was inspired by the name of the farm from which Mr. MH Cloete came from in 1960.

In the year of 1981 the Rola Motor Group was given the opportunity to add a Toyota dealership to the group. This was the birth of Strand Toyota. Strand Toyota was situated lower down in the Main Road leading to the Strand and in the year of 1993 Automark was added to the Toyota Dealership. In 1997 / 1998 Strand Toyota changed their name to Helderberg Toyota and in the following year Helderberg Toyota moved to its current premises.  

In late 2010 we are very happy to announce that we are changing our name to Rola Toyota as well as welcoming another Toyota dealership to the Rola Group.

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